Generations of people have embarked on journeys of personal success and great achievement. They saw the value and wisdom in building self-confidence, creating competence in life skills and establishing character. Imagine if you could share with your child, right now, these universal principles and give them a head start on their personal journey?

The truth is, parents and guardians often find it difficult to explain and discuss these important principles with children at a young age.


The good news is we have created a way to deliver these universal principles to your child in a fun, easy and engaging way. With the Power Kidz Club your child can benefit immediately from these powerful lessons. In as little as 15 minutes a week, half the time it takes to watch the average cartoon on television, your child can get a head start on their journey to great achievement.

There's GENIUS in every child --- don't waste it!
Unleash YOUR child's great mind TODAY.

As parents and guardians, we all face the challenge of sharing important life lessons with our children but most of us struggle with figuring out ways to accomplish that. Here at the Power Kidz Club, we know that facts tell, but stories sell. This is why all our weekly lessons are delivered in story format to keep children engaged and entertained while learning and picking up valuable skills and principles that will help them lead a happy and fulfilling life. 

We also keep in mind that everyone learns differently. That's why we accomodate all types of learners --- visual, auditory and kinesthetic. For our visual learners, they will enjoy and be captivated by our videos where characters and scenery unfold before their eyes. Our auditory learners will benefit from the MP3 audios and our biography series. Both are easily downloadable to your computer or device. Kinesthetic learners will get a chance to do hands-on exercises provided in the parent guides. By using all the formats provided, you give your child the best chance of absorbing the material.

We also believe that learning without doing is not learning. By delivering content on a weekly basis, we give children the chance to focus on one lesson at a time. This gives them time to watch, listen, and most importantly apply the lessons in real life. Repeating the principles over a period of one week takes advantage of a powerful technique called spaced repetition that will help children comprehend the material better. This will allow them to make permanent positive habits that will prepare them for success in life.

"It is easier to build up a child than to repair an adult."

There's no better time than NOW to build your child's unshakeable self-confidence, establish unconscious competence in important life skills and create rock-solid character so your child will be prepared for life and the challenges & opportunities that come along.

Parents and teachers have long known that a child's brain can soak up information like a sponge. By 4, a child's brain is more than twice as active as an adult's. Connections are strengthened by repetition, and those that are not used become vulnerable to elimination.

"If we teach our children early enough, it will affect the organization, or 'wiring' of their brains." -Michael Phelps, UCLA Biophysicist

This is why young children who learn a foreign language can learn to speak like natives. The ability to use that language is wired in the brain. Musical training is another example. Once a child has learned to play an instrument, he or she can stop playing, then pick up that instrument years later and still play much better than an adult just starting out.

Just like wiring your child's brain to speak a foreign language or play a musical instrument, learning these success principles at an early age will wire your child for success in life.
"YES! I want to wire my child for success TODAY!"

Why Join?

    You may be asking why your family should become a member of the Power Kidz Club. The answer is simple. If you would like to expose your child to tools that will build their confidence, competence and character then you will benefit from our online membership program.

    Please watch our invitation video to see a summary of what we have to offer.

   Then check out our Member Benefits Page to see details of what the Power Kidz Club provides to families. We invite you to try our club for ONE MONTH FREE!

   It's the best way to see if this club is the right fit for you and your family.


Why are we called the Power Kidz Club?

A few months ago we came across a very interesting but little-known fact. A friend shared with us the true meaning of power as defined in an old copy of Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia. It made such an impact on him that he actually memorized it word for word after reading it decades ago. As he recited the definition, we were astounded by what we heard. 

Here is a scanned image from the Century Dictionary, Vol. VI, page 4662:

By far, this has been the most empowering definition of power that we have been exposed to. We were even more surprised to find out that this definition is no longer being used in modern day dictionaries and encyclopedias.  For some reason it has been removed, deleted, erased permanently.

Here is what you'll find in dictionaries today:


It is no wonder that when people hear the word 'power' these days they conjure up a not so empowering and somewhat negative image in their minds. Most people think of statements like, 'power-trip', 'power or control over others', 'power-hungry','people in power', etc. 

We prefer the true meaning that describes power as living a life without limits. Self-empowerment is based on this original definition where a person is always growing and knows that it is up to them whether or not they will move forward or stand still.

Inspired by the true meaning of power, the Power Kidz Club was created by Marjorie Alayon and Suzette Rivera. It is a place where children and their families can learn to find and develop the power that is within each of them so they can truly live a life without limits and enjoy a happy and fulfilling life.

"YES! I want my child to live life without limits!"

   The Power Kidz Club is excited about what our program is doing for children and their families. Our unique and revolutionary way of delivering foundational principles to children is what sets us apart. It is a system that helps all our members master the basics so they continue to build and grow througout their lives.

   We believe all children are designed for accomplishment, engineered for success and endowed with the seeds of greatness.  Our vision is to make an impact one family at a time and help nurture children to become the best they can be.

   We invite you to listen to what professionals and parents are saying about our club!

"What does being a Power Kid mean?"

Unshakeable confidence to face anything PRICELESS
Unconscious competence in life skills PRICELESS
Unquestionable rock-solid character PRICELESS
Unleashing their full potential PRICELESS

Giving your child a head start on the road to success PRICELESS
Providing your child with tools they need to succeed PRICELESS
Knowing you have prepared them to live life well PRICELESS
Helping your child create a happy & fulfilling future PRICELESS
Instant Access to our Online Program Just a Small Fee of $10/month

"YES! I want to help empower my child TODAY!"

Giving Back

We are proud to have chosen Boxing And More as our charity and will be giving them 10% of our profits. They are a non-profit organization that practices what we teach.

Their Philosophy

“They will learn how to box, but that is not the goal. The goal is to teach them how life really works.” We instill discipline and hard work at B and M. 

It is a great place to be. It’s everyone helping everyone. Bruce  Warren treats novices  and pro’s the same. These kids learn that hard work pays off. A lot of people TALK about helping kids. We do it!."

We invite you to watch this short video about their community service.

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